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Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson
So it was my first time at the clinic, and my overall experience with Tremedy has been great. — I went for a vitamin IV, and I had a very positive experience. The office clinic is very clean and modern, and it was really easy to sign up as a new patient. No hoops to jump through, no games, and no gimmicks. I think that you can really tell whether a clinic is truly concerned about patient health. And when I came across the team at Tremedy, I could really tell that their hearts were in the right place, and that they actually truly genuinely want to help serve the community and get people healthy. So that's really important for me. And on top of that, the pricing is very affordable, especially compared to a lot of other clinics in Atlanta. From a professional standpoint, I think that the medical staff is really great. The nurse Tabitha is very friendly, accepting, kind, and knowledgeable about functional medicine. So that's really important for me. Also, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Simran, and she was absolutely amazing. It's really good to know that there are clinics out there which are patient oriented and really care about getting people healthy. I'm really looking forward to working with them in the future.
stefan jobe
stefan jobe
Incredible option for high quality health care needs.
Alex Edquist
Alex Edquist
The Tremedy team has great expertise and customer service. They really care about helping you overcome health challenges. They helped me figure out some stubborn fatigue.
Shan Sultan
Shan Sultan
This is the best office in Georgia to come and talk to about your health. I’ve done two IVs here, I’ve had various consults. If you want to live longer and naturally make yourself healthier, this is the only place to come to. My food sensitivity test came back with a couple items that I changed, it helped me with weight loss fatigue brain fog. Hands-down the best place I have ever visited for my longevity and good health
Anthony Hughes
Anthony Hughes
Great Caring Healing HealthCare workers at Tremedy great supplements & therapies
Saira Sultan
Saira Sultan
The IVs at Tremedy are amazing and help me regain my energy. Highly recommended
Shell Lawrenceville
Shell Lawrenceville
The absolute best place for IV nutrition and overall health.

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