Chronic fatigue syndrome impacts the lives of many thousands of Americans. Developing suddenly and often recurring and remitting, this mysterious collection of symptoms can be managed with attention to both body and mind. Here’s more about chronic fatigue syndrome from the care team at Tremedy.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a long-lasting health condition characterized by frequent and unrelenting episodes of tiredness. No matter how much sleep you’ve had, fatigue and other symptoms occur and last for long periods of time. Then, symptoms may subside only to unpredictably relapse.

Unfortunately, a direct cause for chronic fatigue syndrome has not yet been discovered. Some researchers speculate a viral link. Others point to a defect in the body’s natural defenses, i.e., the immune system.

However, in recent years, better management techniques have been developed. However, there is still no definite cure for this sometimes frustrating health problem.

What Are Its Symptoms, And How Is It Diagnosed?

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can vary from person to person. However, some of the most common signs and symptoms include:

  • Persistent, extreme fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Poor mental focus
  • Whole body aches and muscular soreness
  • Sensitivity to indoor and outdoor light
  • Joint pain
  • Low-grade fevers
  • Depression
  • Flu-like malaise

Diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is based on your symptoms only. There are no imaging tests, lab work, or blood tests which can pinpoint the syndrome definitively.

However, if four or more or the above symptoms consistently appear, a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome seems apparent. Your healthcare provider should encourage you to keep a journal of symptoms, noting their onset, severity, duration, and what seems to help relieve them.

How Can I Deal withChronic Fatigue Syndrome?

If your healthcare provider diagnoses you with chronic fatigue syndrome, don’t worry as the syndrome can be managed. Some people benefit from anti-inflammatory medications, such as corticosteroids and ibuprofen. Others may benefit from a change in their diet with the help of a licensed nutritionist, who alsomay recommend certain supplements and vitamins.

Other strategies include light aerobic exercise, such as walking or swimming, and mental health counseling to manage any symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, which can accompany chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, most providers who are experienced in chronic fatigue syndrome report that stress reduction and regular sleep habits are excellent tools in managing the tiredness and mental fog so many people experience.

Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Help fromTremedy

In Atlanta, GA, the holistic and integrative healthcare team at Tremedy helps many people who wonder why they feel so tired and are unable to live a full, active life. Our providers listen carefully to our patients and will assess any symptoms they may be experiencing.

If you want to know more about how to manage your symptoms and fully return to your family, friends, and work, contact us for a thorough consultation at 770-759-0650, or book online. We would love to meet with you and get you started on an effective wellness plan.

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